Skate Kitchen not only co-stars Jaden Smith, but it’s also now inspired a new Jaden track.

The song, appropriately titled "Back on My Shit," premiered during Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show Tuesday. Speaking on how writer/director Crystal Moselle's critically acclaimed drama inspired his latest cut, Smith detailed his own skating prowess and explained the film's central message.

"The song's completely inspired by the movie Skate Kitchen that just came out," he said. "It's about a female crew of skaters in New York City who are trying to find themselves, but they realize that their crew is the only thing that really helps them go through the city and feel like they are a part of something . . . I'm still riding, but all of the girls can skate better than me."

Stream "Back on My Shit" below via Apple Music, and/or up top via YouTube:

Smith also discussed his upcoming album ERYS, working with Young Thug and ASAP Rocky, Will Smith's 50th birthday, and the limitless creativity made possible by the continued advancements in smartphone capabilities. "[Young Thug is] such an individual and he just pushes boundaries and that's why I always knew that we were destined to do something together," Smith said Tuesday. "I feel like we kind of saw each other from afar through the internet and I knew that we had a lot in common. I feel like we have a lot of common in the studio too."

Thugger, Smith added, has really inspired him "flow-wise" as he moves into the ERYS chapter of his career. "I was in the studio with him last night," he said, teasing at least three "chill calm songs" that may or may not land on the new album.

Smith and Thugger linked Monday for the On the Rvn cut "Sin." Revisit that below if you enjoy things that are very, very good indeed.