50 Cent Again Mocks Ja Rule, This Time for Stretcher Stage Entrance

At Nelly's Hot in Herre festival in Toronto, Ja Rule upped the theatrics by being brought out on a stretcher. 50 Cent, as expected, later offered his take on the performance.

ja rule and 50 cent are pictured
Images via Getty/Shareif Ziyadat
ja rule and 50 cent are pictured

Ja Rule made a memorable entrance to the stage for his set at Nelly’s Hot in Herre festival in Toronto. The theatrical presentation, however, was quick to draw mockery from 50 Cent.

As seen in photos and video from the inaugural event, Ja took the stage in a stretcher, completing the visual experience with a pair of less-than-convincing medics. After being wheeled out onto the stage, Ja comes to life for a fittingly lively performance of his 2001 Pain Is Love single “Livin’ It Up.”

Ja, of course, isn’t the first artist to have stage a whole stretcher situation as part of their walkout. Ginuwine, for example, crafted a similar visual experience for a classic 106 & Park performance of “Pony.”

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On Thursday, 50 shared a photo of Ja's entrance to Instagram, adding in a decidedly 50-esque caption.

“Lol … WTF … I ain’t gotta say shit stupid,” he said.

50 cent instagram screenshot

Though he didn’t specifically mention 50 by name, Ja appears to have issued a swift response to the comments on Twitter.

“All this back and forth on the internet n**** we don’t tennis that… YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!!” Ja wrote, adding in a clown emoji and a “rent free” hashtag.

ja rule twitter screenshot

At this point, no one should need reminding that 50 and Ja’s history of similar back-and-forth statements goes back quite some time. Earlier this year, this took the form of 50 joking that Ja Rule’s halftime performance had resulted in a curse being put on the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ja’s performance, 50 argued back in April, was “the worst shit that ever happened.”

In response, Ja joked about an extension of the curse while also noting that 50 has “been on my dick” because of his “love” for his style.

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