Freddie Gibbs Says He'll Whoop Jeezy's Ass

Freddie Gibbs addresses beef with Jeezy on 'Desus & Mero.'

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Freddie Gibbs stopped by Desus & Mero this week, nearly making it through the entire interview without any mention of Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) boss Jeezy. After the display of Gibbs' astute "Fuck Jeff Sessions" rainbow, he joked with the hosts about skipping over a Jeezy question he noticed in the teleprompter. 

"Why y'all skip over the Jeezy question?" Gibbs said. "I saw that shit, n****. I can read the teleprompter." Though Gibbs said there was no active beef with Jeezy, he did offer some insight into his current feelings on their strained relationship. 

"It gotta be beef when it's two, like, real motherfuckers in the equation," Gibbs explained. "When it's one motherfucker that's just, like, pssshhh . . . I'll whoop yo ass, n****. Fuck with me. Fuck Jeezy. Bitch ass n****. And when that n**** come on here, ask him about me."

Gibbs signed with CTE in 2011. Just one year later, Gibbs confirmed he had parted ways with Jeezy's label. In subsequent interviews, both Jeezy and Gibbs gave their side of the story. Jeezy claimed Gibbs had asked for more money than he could afford to invest and caused complications with his relationship with Eminem. Gibbs pushed back against these claims as "lies," telling Hot 97 he "didn't take a dollar" from Jeezy.

@EBROINTHEAM I'll be there tomorrow to put all the lies to rest.

— Big 🐰 (@FreddieGibbs) August 4, 2014

Back in April, Gibbs spoke with Complex about his most recent album You Only Live 2wice. "Everything that I wanted to say I got it all out in this project," Gibbs said. "And I think that’s why this was so significant for me." Read the full interview here.

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