Dej Loaf Hilariously Details Her First and Last Experience With Weed Brownies

Edibles are a glorious thing. However, they're clearly not for everyone.

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Edibles are a truly glorious thing for those fortunate enough to possess the tolerance necessary for, you know, actually enjoying them. For others, they're a highly tweetable misfire that often ends with some version of "yeah, they're just not my thing."

Dej Loaf had the enviable pleasure of sampling the edibles experience during her stint on Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint tour, a chapter in the Loaf saga she thankfully shared with the world on Sunday:

Her unfortunate mislabeling of "weed" as a "drug" aside, Dej Loaf's revelatory edibles experience makes for a breezy Sunday read. Also, it should remind everyone of this. In short, make them yourself and avoid the annoyance of having to tolerate someone else's recipe.


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