Billie Eilish Drops Self-Directed Video for New Single "Therefore I Am"

Grammy winner Billie Eilish follows up this summer's standalone track "My Future" with the new single and video for "Therefore I Am," another quarantine hit.

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Billie Eilish is back with another pandemic-era single.

On Thursday, the 2020 Album of the Year Grammy winner released the new song "Therefore I Am," as well as its accompanying music video. Eilish directed the video, which makes good use of its deserted shopping mall setting. On Nov. 22, Eilish will give "Therefore I Am" its global premiere performance at the American Music Awards.

Up top, catch the new video. And for the Spotify experience, see below:

To celebrate the new release, Eilish joined the one and only Zane Lowe—most assuredly the leading conversationalist in modern music consumption—for an Apple Music chat:

The interview includes insight on the new album Eilish has been putting together during quarantine, the prolific artist's response to the 2020 presidential election, and more. Hear it in full below:

Back in July, Eilish released the non-album cut "My Future," which itself followed the release of the James Bond theme "No Time to Die." When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go, Eilish's inaugural 2019 studio LP, was recently brought to life with a COVID-appropriate livestream event that put advanced XR tech to good use by giving fans a truly immersive experience in lieu of a traditional tour set.

Later this month, Eilish will be featured in a seven-part series from Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele inspired by the new Gucci collection. Both the series and the collection carry the timely title OUVERTURE of Something that Never Ended.

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