Azealia Banks Has Apparently Been Sacrificing Chickens and Twitter Is Very Concerned

Azealia Banks shared her brujería cleanup process on Instagram Thursday and people are losing it.

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There are plenty of potentially world-altering things going down this week, i.e. shit that actually matters. But, hey, I guess we'll talk about Azealia Banks appearing to confess to sacrificing chickens on Instagram in what some are calling the "grand finale" of this bullshit year:

Azealia Banks via instagram, cleaning the closet she's been performing brujeria for 3 years in.

— Azealia Banks Videos (@AzealiaVideos) December 30, 2016

Banks' Instagram story Thursday showed the Slay-Z artist discussing the difficulties of brujería cleanup. "You know I gotta scrape all this shit up," Banks said. "I got my sandblaster and my goggles. It's about to go down." Later in the Instagram story, Banks added: "Real witches do real things."

azealia banks confessing 2 sacrificing chickens in her bedroom closet is the grand finale of 2016

— tyler-chanel (@tylerplanet111) December 30, 2016

And that's the end of this article! Nah, just fucking around. You know the formula by now. Here are tweets from various human beings reacting to this:

When you see the reason why Azealia Banks is trending.

— Ian (@IanM_81) December 30, 2016

Azealia Banks Instagram story is her cleaning out a closet where she’s been sacrificing chickens for 3 years… wtf

— Lux (@Callux) December 30, 2016

you guys really thought 2016 could end any other way than finding out azealia banks been sacrificing chickens in her closet?

— LONGLIVEWIDI (@sameflannel) December 30, 2016

Others have taken umbrage with the location of these alleged sacrifices:

Earlier this month, Banks spoke recklessly about Nicki Minaj and received a punctual clapback from the Barbz. Days later, Banks declared 2017 the year of no pettiness:

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