Azealia Banks Apologizes to Nicki Minaj for 'Catty Sh*t'

Azealia Banks dropped into Minaj's DMs to issue an apology, and Minaj responded with some career advice.

Azealia Banks dropped into Nicki Minaj's DMs to apologize for her recent "catty shit" Thursday night. After Banks sent over a few mini-paragraphs, Minaj responded with mutual admiration. "Not gonna lie," Banks said when sharing screenshots of the resulting exchange on Instagram, "I cried a bit when she responded."

"I really do enjoy your artistry and think you’re so intelligent and clever," Banks said in her first message. "You have a really brilliant art mind and often times remind me a lot of myself." Banks continued, clarifying that her decision to work with Safaree (on the track "Ain't Know") was "not in spite" and was instead due to industry pressure. "You have my word, that from here on out, I will never say any negative or catty things about you ever again," Banks promised.


Minaj hit Banks back with a brief but grateful response. "You're very talented & very smart," she said. "Focus on what really matters from now on." See the full exchange below.

Earlier this week, Banks criticized Cardi B, calling her a "poor man’s Nicki" in a series of tweets that—of course—have since been deleted. The disparaging remarks were met with predictable backlash, including from Cardi B herself. Shortly after Banks' original comments caught fire, Cardi shared a clip of Banks clearly enjoying herself to the sounds of Cardi's No. 1 phenomenon "Bodak Yellow."

As for Minaj, she's currently planning to enter what sounds like the most important chapter of her career yet. In a must-read chat with Dazed earlier this month, Minaj teased the return of Roman and said her new era will be "a billion times more epic than anything 'Anaconda' could have delivered."

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