As the great philosophers Sean Combs, Mason Betha and Christopher Wallace once mused: mo' money, mo' problems. That's something that Cardi B is dealing with at this very moment, as she sits atop the Billboard Hot 100 with her ubiquitous summer anthem, "Bodak Yellow." It's only been two days since she officially hit No. 1, and drama is already starting to creep into the picture. It all started on Monday evening, when prolific shit-talker Azealia Banks hopped on Twitter to express her opinion about the reason behind Cardi B's success. 

"I'm sorry," she tweeted. "Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I've never seen them jump like this for remy or nicki." Amongst other insults, Azealia went on to call Cardi B a "poor man’s Nicki." She wound up deleting the posts, but sis—the internet is for-fucking-ever. Screenshots were grabbed and word got back to Cardi, who responded to those criticisms Tuesday evening by tweeting a video of Azealia going ham to "Bodak Yellow":

One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1 cuz even the HATERS LOVE IT !!

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) September 27, 2017

Azealia clapped back via her Instagram story shortly after, expanding on the "poor man's Nicki" criticism she tweeted earlier in the week, and then dropping a hell of an accusation: that Cardi uses a ghostwriter. "We know the nigga from Harlem who wrote the song," Azealia said. "He's friends with your boyfriend from jail... Everybody in the hood knows you fuck for raps... A bum bitch from the Bronx like you, it's great that you made it. I'm sure it inspired a lot of other bum bitches."

Weeeeeeeeell folks, it didn't take long for those comments to make it back to Cardi's camp—in particular, to her sister, Hennessy Carolina. In yet another deleted post, which was grabbed by The Shade Room, Ms. Carolina fired back at Azealia Banks on Cardi's behalf:

"BITCH you saying all that about my sister but got a INTERVIEW YOU DID speaking HIGHLY of my sister on xxl mag," Carolina wrote in the caption of the post, which was a screenshot of an interview that featured Azealia praising Cardi. 

"Even though this girl is literally a NUT head and shouldn't give this bitch no attention and though a bitch like me from the hood would typically knock a bitch out," she continued, "there's certain people that has mental problems and you just got to remind them that they're fucking SICK IN THE HEAD ... you got the devil inside you girl Ima pray for you, jealousy is really bad and won't take you nowhere."

Speaking of nowhere, my Spidey senses are telling me this is nowhere near over.