ASAP Rocky Talks New Album and Travis Scott on 'Open Late' Debut

Rocky also revealed to host Peter Rosenberg that he's hoping to land Morrissey for one of his next unlikely collabs.

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The new Complex original series Open Late, hosted by Peter Rosenberg, premiered Thursday night. For the inaugural episode, Rosenberg was joined by ASAP Rocky for a discussion touching on everything from his upcoming new album to his thoughts on Travis Scott.

"I take proper precautions," Rocky said when asked why the new album didn't drop in 2017. "When testing this whole album, it's, like, about perfect timing. Everything has to be aligned correctly. One little thing, one little mishap, one little imperfection could throw off a whole cycle. I would prefer to put out music to change people's moods or uplift or get a feeling or a reaction as opposed to just making music to stay relevant for the sake of popularity."


Later, Rosenberg asked Rocky about any "alleged weirdness" with Scott. "I don't even know why we're talking about Travis Scott right now, no shade," Rocky said. "Call it what you will. Ask Flex. I think Travis Scott, you know, he makes cool music. He had a baby, I'm happy for that, it's beautiful. Honestly, like, I'm handsome. I'm single."

Rocky also talked Kanye West's immediate embrace of his ideas, his more "calculated" approach to experimentation on the new album, and the possibility of one day becoming a father. Most important, however, is the moment Rocky shouted out Morrissey as a future hopeful collaborator. "I might have to fuck with Morrissey, on some Smiths shit," he said. "Make some emo, real, retro-infused, motherfuckin' 2018 shit, man."

​The ASAP Rocky interview begins around the 16-minute mark in the video above. Revisit the trip-inspiring video for Rocky's new single "ASAP Forever" below.

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