Ariana Grande and Mac Miller End Relationship

Bummers abound.

Shouts to everyone who, like me, recently entered a new relationship and are now tasked with ignoring reality checks—like this one, for example—that are begging to be cashed.

Wednesday night, news broke via the notoriously nosy providers of such intel that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller had decided to break up. The two have "called it quits on dating" but "remain the closest of friends," TMZ reported, though it's really none of our business. Work schedules, the report added, simply became too hectic for the relationship to continue. Still, Grande and Miller will continue to "love each other dearly" as close friends, though that's also really none of our business.

Shortly afterwards, Grande herself confirmed the news on her Instagram Stories, calling him her best friend and adding that she "respect[s] and adore[s] him endlessly."

"I can't wait to know and support you forever and I'm so proud of you!" Grande added.

@ArianaGrande confirms her and Mac Miller’s separation via Instagram!
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As Entertainment Tonight noted, Grande and Miller—who went public with their relationship way back in 2016—were last spotted at this year's Coachella.

Grande confirmed the then-blossoming Miller relationship during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show back in September 2016. "This is so crazy," she said at the time. "I've never, like, had the relationship talk on a show before."

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Grande and Miller also have a slew of musical collabs to their name. After linking up for "The Way" back in 2013, the two brought the magic again with The Divine Feminine single "My Favorite Part" in 2016.

Next for Grande is her new album Sweetener, due within the next few months. Miller has also been teasing a new project recently.

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