03 Greedo Released From Prison on Parole

03 Greedo preceded his release after five years behind bars with the release of a new project titled 'Free 03,' featuring the late Drakeo the Ruler.

03 Greedo attends the Trap House Clothing & Laced South Bay Presents TRAP ALL STAR FEST

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03 Greedo attends the Trap House Clothing & Laced South Bay Presents TRAP ALL STAR FEST

UPDATED 1/23/23, 1:10 p.m. ET: 03 Greedo took to social media to give fans an update and revealed that he’s currently at a halfway house following his release from prison.

“Yes, I am free from prison but I am still not completely out,” he wrote. “For anyone confused I am in a halfway house for up to 6 months with a five minute phone call a week. Where I am I just want to see my daughter and record music. I wish I could have released alot more music while I was away. So, I have this chip on my shoulder to just go record n drop at least 12 tapes before my major album and I honestly just don’t want to talk to alot of people yet.”

Greedo continued, “I got a lot I want to clear in my head first. So, if I’m not recording with you or laying with you. I’m not inna rush to talk after damn near 5 years. Just being honest! Salute to the GeeHive and all my supporters, I love you. Thank u for keeping me alive while I was incarcerated.”

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03 Greedo is free.

On Thursday (Jan. 12), Greedo was released from prison on parole after beginning what was initially reported as a 20-year sentence back in 2018, Complex has confirmed with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The rapper was being housed at the Havins Unit in Brownwood, Texas. In April of 2018, Greedo was sentenced to 20 years after being charged with meth possession and unlawful firearm possession in Texas.

Mere days before his release, Greedo shared his new Free 03 project, produced by Mike Free. At the time, word was fresh that Greedo would be released on parole this week, with writer Jeff Weiss noting on Twitter that Greedo’s “five-year- nightmare” was soon “finally coming to an end.”

The 14-track Free 03 project included features from KenTheMan, OHGEESY, BlueBucksClan, and the late Drakeo the Ruler.

Despite beginning his sentence in 2018, Greedo’s presence has remained consistent by way of a string of projects being shared to streaming services, including the 2019 Kenny Beats collab album Netflix and Deal and an EP with blink-182’s Travis Barker that same year.

Speaking with Jessica McKinney for Complex in 2019, Greedo detailed how his situation had inspired him to “be more creative” while prepping a vault of material.

“When I come out, I’m gonna be talking about more glamorous things,” he said at the time when looking ahead to how his creative process might change in the future. “When I get out, I’m gonna write more and take more time. The release process won’t be the same; I won’t flood the industry. It’ll be more precise.”

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