Grime Beatsmith Swifta Beater Recruits Ghetts And SafOne For "GIYB (Gwan If You're Bad)"

We didn't expect anything less than a banger tbf.

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Birmingham grime producer Swifta Beater has shared a fresh animated visual for his new single "GIYB (Gwan If You're Bad)".

Now firmly in the upper tier of UK music power rankings, Swifta can call on grime scene greats at will, and this time connects with East London vet Ghetts and fellow Brummie SafOne. The instantly recognisable producer tag is inevitably followed by blaring brass sections, and from there, the two emcees wreak havoc on the riddim.

Illustrated by Richard Ivens, the detailed, Manga-style story flies across the screen with striking colours and action-filled panels. Watch above and stream the track right here.


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