Watch Stormzy's New 'Gang Signs & Prayer' Film

A 15-minute look into Big Mikey's journey so far.

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Last night at London's YouTube Space, Stormzy unveiled his biggest conceptual project to date: a mini movie for Gang Signs & Prayer. The 15-minute visual explores themes of duality, conscience and trauma, centering its young protagonist—raised by a single mother—in inner-city London.

Without intending to be a straight line Stormzy biopic, the film draws upon inspiration from his debut album, and features accompanying visuals for four #GSAP tracks: "Return Of The Rucksack", "Bad Boys", "Mr Skeng" and "100 Bags". Shot across London, with some scenes in Spain, Gang Signs & Prayer was directed by Rollo Jackson, who had previously worked with Stormzy for "Where Do You Know Me From?" with Adidas Originals.

Attendees last night received a limited-edition zine, with exclusive photography and a transcribed one-on-one conversation between Stormzy and Rollo. In the in-depth convo, Stormzy delved into the source of his faith, revealing: "My faith and my spirituality is like a direct influence from my mum. And growing up, looking back at it is kind of weird, because I don't feel like my faith, and my heart and my morals, is even down to me reading the bible or me going to church. I feel like it came from my mum."

Powered by charismatic performances from teenager Abdul Basit Ayanwusi and, of course, Stormzy, check out Gang Signs & Prayer up top. 

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