Premiere: Sipprell And Melo-Zed Drop Off The Dreamy "Broken Ground"

Taken from Ralph Hardy's 'Growing Pains 2' compilation.

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Finally set for release later this month is Ralph Hardy Presents: Growing Pains 2, a follow-up compilation to its 2015 predecessor stacked with British talent on the verge of next-level breakthroughs. We've already heard two tracks from the comp—VB and SueLily's "Nothing More" and SNE and Nadia Rose on "GOKU"—and today, we get the final taster in the form of "Broken Ground"—a dreamy coming together of Darker Than Wax producer Melo-Zed and soul singer Sipprell. After a string of impressive drops over the course of last year, Sipprell returns on "Broken Ground" with more delicate harmonies melting into one another over glowing keys as Melo-Zed provides a spaced-out, future-soul canvas. "I wrote 'Broken Ground' about that feeling of uncertainty when you don't know where you stand with someone," says Sipprell. "The mixed messages you're given mess with your head, but, at the same time, they keep you holding on." Press play exclusively below.

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