Adria Kain's Debut Album 'When Flowers Bloom' Is Here

'When Flowers Bloom' is the result of many years of growth from Toronto-based R&B singer Adria Kain. She has also shared a COLORS session of "Only With Time".

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Adria Kain has just dropped her long-awaited first album, When Flowers Bloom.

Along with the album, she  also shared an emotional COLORS session of album track “Only With Time” earlier this week. 

After releasing a multitude of singles and EPs over the last seven years, the Toronto-based singer explains that she is finally ready to fully blossom after many years of growth and patience. 

“I started to view myself as a garden and I began my journey of growth and just patiently waited for years for my flowers to bloom,” she says. “Everything that I create surrounds this now and I think the evidence of that begins to show itself throughout this album.

While maintaining her roots in soul, R&B, and jazz, the lush, reverberated, chorus-filled guitars settle in to show off Kain’s broad vocal range. 

When Flowers Bloom features singles “Alone in Kenzo” and “Peace Be Still,” which was one of our picks for Best Canadian Songs of 2020.

Kain is set to play Paradise in Toronto on Feb. 25, with both venue and virtual tickets available. 

Stream When Flowers Bloom below.


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