Jury Validates Aretha Franklin’s Handwritten Will Found Under Couch Cushion

The singer's sons were at odds about which of her two handwritten wills should take precedence.

Paul Natkin / Getty Images

A jury has validated Aretha Franklin's handwritten will found under a cushion of her couch. 

In 2018, the legendary singer passed away from pancreatic cancer. It was understood that she did not have a will, and the plan was for her millions to be split between her four sons. According to the Associated Press, this caused conflict within her family as her children allegedly turned against each other. 

The court proceeding was a win for Kecalf Franklin and Edward Franklin, who argued the four-page handwritten document from 2014 should take precedence over a 2010 version (also handwritten) found in Aretha's cabinet. The AP reported that the Queen of Soul's niece scoured her home, locating the couch-hidden notebook containing the will. 

Kecalf Franklin stated, "I'm very, very happy. I just wanted my mother's wishes to be adhered to. We just want to exhale right now. It's been a long five years for my family, my children."

Franklin family lawyer Charles McKelvie told the jury in closing arguments,"You can take your will and leave it on the kitchen counter. It's still your will."

Attorney Craig Smith also pointedly noted the first line of the will. "Says right here: 'This is my will.' She's speaking from the grave, folks." 

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