Bow Wow Opens Up About Contemplating Suicide, Groupies, and Baby Mama Drama

Bow Wow sat down for an interview with DJ Vlad of Vlad TV to talk everything from contemplating suicide, safely hooking up with women, and more.

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Shad Moss, more commonly known as Bow Wow, has had quite the journey as an artist/entertainer. Believe it or not, the 29-year-old has been in the game for over 15 years, doing everything from rapping to acting to hosting. But despite his long list of accomplishments, it hasn't been an easy road for the multi-hyphenate. 

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad of VladTV, Bow Wow opened up about the hardships he’s had to endure in his personal life, such as his relationship with Joie Chavis, the mother of his daughter.

“It stems before my daughter was even born, we’ve always had an up and down type of thing. Try to make it work, it doesn’t work. Let’s be friends, OK now we fall out, we hate each other,” said Bow Wow, who insists he and Chavis are now on better terms. “Now it’s gotten to a cool space […] For me, if we don’t work or we don’t vibe, let’s just stay the f*ck away from one another. And that’s kind of the relationship we have now […] We’re cool.”

Bow Wow’s rocky relationships have been well documented over the years. When his daughter was born in 2011, Chavis reportedly excluded Bow Wow’s legal name from the birth certificate because he wasn’t there when their child was born. In 2015, his ex-fiancé Erica Mena gave an interview in which she claimed the rapper was abusive towards her.

Later in the interview, Bow Wow talked about the “dark” time when he began contemplating suicide.

“Right around the third album, that's when I was just done. My boys get on me, because I like to sit in the house; and my answer and my response to that is because I've done everything,” Bow Wow explained. “I've been everywhere, three and four times again. There's not a girl I ain't smash, there ain't a place I ain't been, there ain't a hotel room I ain't stayed in, a car I ain't drove.”

You can check out the full interview, in which Bow Wow also touches on his aleged fling with Kim Kardashian, here

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