Meet Julius Ceasor: French Montana's Pet Monkey

French Montana got a monkey for his birthday, and nothing was the same.

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French Montana is well on his way to saying “We bought a zoo.” After renting two baby tigers last year—an impulse buy he says he made while high—the rapper has added a new member to his growing animal menagerie: a baby monkey named Julius Ceasor.

Julius is quickly acclimating to his post as the newest member of the Coke Boys. Although he’s still in diapers, the tiny monkey is all over Instagram and has already been spotted flying in a private G5 jet, being bottle-fed and “talking about hoes” with French and living a life of luxury most of us will never know. Did we mention that he’s going to the Grammys? Proud papa French spoke to Complex about his new bundle of joy, Julius Ceasor.

Interview by Sowmya Krishnamurthy (@SowmyaK)

Where did Julius Ceasor come from? What’s his origin story?
He was a gift from Mally Mall. It was for my birthday.

What happened? Did Mally Mall just show up with a gift box with holes like, “Here’s a monkey”?
Nah. Actually I went to his house in Vegas and he had one. He’s down with Coke Boys and he was like, “This is a monkey I have. This and that.” So every time I would go over there, I would play with the monkey and I said, “I want one for my birthday.” So my birthday came and he was like, “Yo. Happy birthday. That’s your monkey.”

Wavy. Why did you name him “Julius Ceasor”?
When I went to Vegas, that’s why they was calling me. Mally Mall was calling me “Julius Caesar.”

Still in diapers, your monkey flies on a private G5 jet. He already has a better life than I have.

I see you bottle-feeding him and talking baby talk. Does he sleep in bed with you?
Sometimes I change his diaper. He’s like my son. He sleeps in the bed but he a little bad sometimes. You gotta teach him some manners.

Have the other Coke Boys met him? What does Lil Durk or Chinx say about Julius?
They wanna play with him and he be talking to them.

You bought the pair of tigers last year and now you have a monkey. What’s your next exotic pet project?
I just bought my first $5 million house. Everything happening for me, man. My dream coming true. I got monkeys like Michael Jackson.

You should take Julius to the Grammys. Didn’t Bubbles go to the Grammys with Michael?
Oh! Best believe I am.

After he’s done with the Grammys, can we set up a playdate with Julius Ceasor?
Oh you have to. You have to write a story on him.

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