XXXTentacion: 'I'm Better Than 2Pac, Bro'

"2Pac can't make rock music."

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XXXTentacion hasn't let being on house arrest stop him from making controversial statements. In a recent talk with DJ Akademiks, the Florida rapper, who is facing charges of strangulation, false imprisonment, witness-tampering, and witness intimidation, compared himself favorably to 2Pac.

At the beginning of the video, which you can see above, Akademiks asks XXX if his art will "go elsewhere." As an example, Ak mentions 2Pac being a poet and an activist in addition to making music. X responds to the comparison with something approaching anger.

"I'm better than 2Pac, bro," he says at the 0:30 mark. "Please don't compare me to him. Please don't. 2Pac can't make rock music. 2Pac couldn't do that. 2Pac didn't do that. 2Pac was a dancer and a poet and a rapper."

X was also unimpressed by Pac's political bona fides. 

"I don't give a fuck. There's plenty of revolutionaries," he continued, before expressing support for Joyner Lucas' recent "I'm Not Racist." 


Later on, the conversation returns to Pac—this time, in comparison to his friend-turned-foe Biggie.

"If you ask me though, Biggie was a better poet [than 2Pac]," X opines at 3:44. "I think Biggie's better, as far as a rapper. Biggie was a better poet." To prove his point, X then recites a bit of Big's classic track "Suicidal Thoughts." He then criticizes Pac's approach to dissing Big on "Hit 'Em Up."

"Talking about fucking a nigga's ho? Nah, I couldn't respect that shit, bro. They could have squared off one-on-one and fought."

To watch the whole video, which contains X's thoughts on the true purpose of music, how he responds to fans who call him short, astral projection, and more, check above.

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