Luckiest Fan in the World Ciphers Onstage With Kendrick Lamar

At Friday night's show in Brooklyn, an extremely lucky Kendrick Lamar fan got to cipher onstage with the superstar.

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Kendrick Lamar's Friday night concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn was a mix of favorites old ("A.D.H.D.") and new ("King Kunta"). But one of the highlights was when he brought a fan onstage to rap. 

Kendrick called the man up. He asked for a "boom-bap" beat, and then told Lamar to "throw some words at me," a nod to a freestyling trick the Compton rapper frequently performs.

Surprisingly for the man (and basically everyone else involved), Kendrick let the segment go on for almost two and a half full minutes, throwing word prompts and trading bars with the obviously ecstatic fan, who also did double duty as hype man while Lamar was rapping.

You can see the segment above, and watch the entire concert below (the fan segment starts at around the 25:30 mark).

Fans were delighted by the surprisingly fun moment.

Kendrick ciphering with a Day 1 fan is exactly how I want my 2016 in live music to wrap

— Andrew Hampp (@ahampp) December 17, 2016

Kendrick is a cool dude for letting people come on the stage to freestyle!! I woulda gotten up there and read a poem lol.

— Derek (@dbowe44) December 17, 2016

King Kendrick is bringing FANS on the stage to freestyle 😍

— 👑 of Pentacles (@CidneeRich) December 17, 2016

Kemba, formerly known as YC the Cynic, was also called up on stage by Kendrick and delivered an impressive freestyle.

"Kendrick started asking who in the crowd rapped. My friend asked if I wanted her to make noise for me. I said 'please, no.' I don't really like freestyling," Kemba told Complex via email. "But one person went up, and the crowd didn't really love it. My friends Nikisha and Scottie Beam started trying to get me up there, but Kendrick didn't see. Another person went up, had great energy but people weren't super impressed. At that point, Kendrick asked for a woman. He picked someone, but she said she was too shy. At that point the WHOLE SECTION was pointing at me, cheering. Kendrick called me up, and that was that. For the rest of the show he was shouting me out. Crazy."

Check out Kemba's special moment below.

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