Drake's Dad Dennis Graham Shares His Dating Advice

Dennis talks about pickup lines, appropriate first-date attire, and more.

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Drake's dad Dennis Graham has found a new life—okay, okay, more life—since his son became a superstar. From album cover model to liquor spokesman to aspiring artist himself, the former drummer has established a new rep as "the realest dude ever."


But now, Hypebeast is bringing us Graham's softer side. In a new video, which you can see above, Graham—Virginia Black whiskey at the ready—offers his advice on love and dating. 

He may not be the most up-to-date relationship guru you'll come across ("I don't even know what Tinder is," he admits early on), but Graham's sage counsel on pickup lines (bad), wearing a suit to a first date (good), and women with big booties (stay far, far away) ages beautifully. As beautifully, he might suggest, as Virginia Black whiskey. Make sure to visit Hypebeast for more details.

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