Skrillex and Takashi Murakami's ComplexCon Art Installation Is Trippy as Hell

The interactive art exhibit responds to your touch.

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When it comes to most art, touching is off limits, a policy often reinforced by one (or many) burly security guards. But at Skrillex and Murakami's collaborative art exhibit at ComplexCon, touching isn't just encouraged, it's an integral part of the experience. 

The oversized air globe, called "Baburu" (which was created and designed by Future Wife), features Murakami's images imposed over its surface and responds to your touch. When you put pressure on it, the images (fittingly, flowers and mushrooms) scatter and skew. The sounds (which range from what can only be described as jungle-themed beats to cheerful noises) also change, fading in and out as if the bubble was a giant keyboard.

Skrillex will also be performing at the Smirnoff stage later this evening and is rumored to be bringing back his iconic spaceship for his performance.

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