There's a Notorious B.I.G. Musical Cartoon in the Works for Some Reason

Biggie the friendly ghost.

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Just a few days after the 16th anniversary of his untimely death, the Notorious B.I.G. is headed for television. There are apparently plans in the works (for some reason) for a new cartoon about Biggie’s teenage children featuring the man himself as a ghost.

House of Wallace, as it’s called, will find the spectral Smalls helping C.J. and T’yanna save his Brooklyn recording studio. In order to earn money and prevent the studio from becoming a “cookie cutter ‘entertainment factory,’” the Wallace family will bring various musicians in to record commercial jingles. That, along with the fact that the show is being billed as a musical, opens the door to any number of cameos by famous artists.

House of Wallace has yet to find a home yet, but Ossian Media insists that, “a few serious networks are in discussion.”

[via Gawker]

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