Drake Spent $50,000 at a Strip Club in Charlotte

Drizzy makes it pour.

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Well, it looks like Drake found a creative use for all that Bar Mitzvah money. As TMZ tells us, Drizzy went a little wild at a strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina recently, proving that he doesn’t take the phrase “make it rain” lightly. Drake apparently showed up at Cameo Nightclub with cardboard boxes full of dough — $50,000 to be exact, plus another $25,000 from his pal Blue Davinci — ready to party.

As the above pictures illustrate, Drake proceeded shower the wads of cash down upon the strippers and patrons until the floor ground was literally covered with cash. Check out those photos above and prepare yourself for Chris Brown’s inevitable $50,001 strip club extravaganza.

[via TMZ]

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