Court Orders Ryan Leslie to Pay Laptop Finder $1 Million

Les makes it to the cover of the New York Post.

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After more than a year in legal battles, it looks like Ryan Leslie’s laptop reward case is coming to an end. Early last year the singer/songwriter’s Macbook was stolen from his Mercedes while on tour in Cologne, Germany. Les then promised a $1 million reward for the computer but, when a German man named Armin Augstein turned it in, he refused to pay up. Augstein then sued Leslie for the reward money and now, months later, he seems to have won.

According to the cover of today’s New York Post, Leslie is being asked to pay Augstein the full $1 million. Les told the newspaper that the situation might not be over, though, as he is considering trying to appeal the case.

"Don't believe everything you read in the f*ckin news." Even though it's very entertaining!

[via HipHopNMore]

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