7 Songs That Should Have Been Cut From 'More Life'

As a playlist 'More Life' is a success. But here's how it could succeed as a streamlined album.

Drake 'More Life'
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Twitter had a lot to say about Drake's newly released 'More Life' playlist.

Drake 'More Life'

As a playlist, Drake's More Life is a success; it's necessarily long and shaggy. (Unlike Views, which desperately needed an editor.) Begrudgingly, I have to admit that his descriptor makes sense, and that has shaped how I experience the music. It frees the songs from adhering to a narrative arc and creates the space for solo moments from Skepta and Sampha. That said, if you wanted to turn More Life into a traditional album, with a consistent sound and more Drake, this is the fat we'd trim.

"No Long Talk" f/ Giggs

Drake loves grime. Drake loves Giggs. If his allusions are any indication, Giggs loves The X-Files, the little-discussed Kevin Bacon x Paul Verhoeven movie Hollow Man, and something he describes as "glue pussy." 

I'm good on all of that.



"Since Way Back" f/ Partynextdoor

This is the sixth collaboration between Drake and Partynextdoor, and despite the brilliant R. Kelly "Clipped Wings" sample (to say nothing of the water-clear way PND sings Kelly's name) it's the weakest of the bunch. It's languid and the structure resists sticking in your head. (But because I'm a hopless PND stand, I won't run away from it.)



"Skepta Interlude" f/ Skepta

While not a bad song, if there are cuts to be made to turn Drake's "playlist" into something resembling a more functional album, it's a few of the song-length guest features. While Drake has always been one to cede the spotlight (for a time), Skepta's performance doesn't approach the star turn Kendrick delivered on Take Care's "Buried Alive Interview." We can leave it on the cutting room floor. 


"Glow" f/ Kanye West

My dear colleague Chopz already explained why "Glow" inspires confidence in the quality of a Drake and Kanye collaborative project. Even if I'm still on the fence, its inclusion here feels wrong if you're trying to excavate a streamlined Drake album from the playlist model. Save it for the collabo, fellas.


"Nothings Into Somethings"

If Drake was making a Janet Jackson album in '93, then yes, "Nothings Into Somethings" would be a masterful interlude, the kind of thing I'd loop on a lonely Saturday night. But that's my life and I have too much of it already. Drake, meanwhile, should save it for his 24K Magic-esque '90s R&B revival album.



How much rapping does a Drake album need? Not so much that it means "Gyalchester" sticks around. "She wanna get married tonight/But I can't take a knee, 'cause I'm wearin' all white." Great line. Even the chorus is fine. But c'mon man, Virginia Black is not going to pay your bills like music would. Save the best lines for another track. 



"4422" f/ Sampha

"4422" is undeniably beautiful. In the context of More Life it's a reprieve, and an opportunity for Sampha to show why he's become the go-to talent for A-listers like Drake (and Kanye, and Beyoncé, etc., etc.) when they want to bring his brand of bracing, aching sadness into the mix. But it would be a better fit on his own album, Process, in the interest of streamlining this release. 


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