Metro Boomin Says Russ Is ‘Whack in Spirit’ for Criticizing Today’s Producers

It certainly appears Young Metro doesn't trust Russ.

Metro Boomin got himself caught up in the debate of who is to blame for the current state of hip-hop thanks to Russ.

Things began with comments Russ made during a VladTV interview published back in January 2017, which you can view below.

“People think that you blame the rappers for the state of hip-hop,” Russ said. “Rappers are not making the music. You gotta blame the producers. Producers are making wack shit. If a producer…If all I do is rap, I’m a vocalist. If a producer sends me a pack of 20 beats, and they’re all wack and they all sound the same, I’m just fucked. I gotta pick the best of the worst.”

In turn, possibly retired Metro Boomin took to Twitter Saturday and responded by posting a picture of himself holding a card that read, “Russ is whack.”

and by whack I mean whack in spirit.. haven’t heard any music to come to that conclusion.
I lost all respect for @russdiemon blaming producers for todays sound? Like fuck outta here fam... you gonna blame metro, illmind, southside, sounwav, elite, dre, etc for all this? Sure maybe a specific person but not everyone... smh

Metro followed that brief visual message with some additional context saying that he’s never actually listened to Russ’ music. The Russ disses are two of the only Metro Boomin tweets from 2018 that are still on his account (he tweeted "Thank God for the year" right before the picture). Lastly, Metro retweeted Montreal producer Kizzy, who was also critical of Russ.

New song & video


Russ holds down double duty by rhyming over his own production. Shortly after Metro’s tweets, Russ tweeted a link to the song and video for “Sore Losers,” but it's unclear if this was a shot at the producer.

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