Katy Perry Is Catching a Ton of Heat for Her Obama Joke

Katy Perry curiously compares the backlash to her new hairstyle to those who prefer Barack Obama over Donald Trump.

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Katy Perry’s newly dyed and cut blond tresses have been the butt of a few jokes, with the pop singer herself comparing her new hairdo to the signature cut worn by celebrity chef Guy Fieri.

Perry took things a step further Friday by curiously comparing the backlash to her new hairstyle to those who prefer former President Barack Obama over the current commander-in-chief, Donald Trump.

I'm sure we can all do without @katyperry right ??? #Loser pic.twitter.com/r9bQcuaCBi

— DJ SCREAM (@DJSCREAM) April 30, 2017

“Aww, someone says, ‘I miss your old, black hair’,” Perry said, during an Instagram Live session. “Oh, do you miss Barack Obama as well? Okay, times change. Bye.”

The video slowly made the rounds over the weekend before negative feedback began building up on Twitter. The backlash apparently stems from Perry comparing—directly or indirectly—her signature black locks to the man who became America’s first black President. The timing doesn’t favor Perry, who is promoting her “Bon Appetit” single with Migos

Nevertheless, Twitter users who didn’t find the joke funny offered some strong opinions.

And she does THAT laugh that whites do when they KNOW exactly what they're saying. @katyperry you disgust me.
What does black hair have to do with Barack Obama? You're cancelled @katyperry.
that Katy Perry video is the perfect example of how most wypipo try to be funny

It’s unclear if users interpreted the Obama joke as a Trump endorsement, despite the fact that Perry was an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter leading up to the 2016 election. Clinton, of course, lost the 2008 Democratic primary race to Obama (causing no small amount of tension between the candidates' supporters at the time), before accepting a cabinet position as his Secretary of State from 2009 through 2013. 

The video was filmed during Perry’s promotional run in New York City, and it’s unclear if the beverage she was filmed holding was a factor.

“You're cut off,” one member of Perry’s entourage said during the clip. 

Perry faced similar backlash in 2013 after performing in a geisha-inspired outfit during the American Music Awards. The Atlantic and other media outlets leveled charges of cultural appropriation against Perry for the performance. 

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