Karlie Kloss Confused Beyoncé With TLC and the #Beyhive Went Into Formation

The two are clearly not the same, and yet fashion model Karlie Kloss managed to confuse them.

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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is a solo artist who was a member of Destiny’s Child from 1997 through 2004. TLC was initially a trio prior to the untimely death of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and they have not released a studio album since 2002’s 3D. The two are clearly not the same, and yet fashion model Karlie Kloss managed to confuse them. 

As part of Love magazine’s “Mega Fan Profile” series, Kloss professed her undying love of all things Bey. She cited Beyoncé’s swag, creativity, and passion as factors. There was one problem though. Kloss wrote, “She is the soundtrack to my life,” but referenced TLC’s 1994 hit “Waterfalls” (arguably one of the best songs R&B songs and videos of the ’​90s) as one of her favorite tracks.

Beyoncé was approximately 13 when “Waterfalls” was released. It’s possible she was still a member of the group Girls Tyme and auditioning on Star Search. As expected, the BeyHive, and even those who aren’t members of Beyoncé’s aggressively eager fan base, advised Kloss to get her facts straight.

You know exactly what stereotype this tweet is hinting at.

Karlie Kloss: I loved Destiny's Child singing Waterfalls on the soundtrack for Hidden Fences. I'm a total #Beyonce fangirl! #Beyhive pic.twitter.com/CpTKs3r2UL

Clutch the collective pearls.

The fact that Karlie Kloss thinks Destiny's Child sang "Waterfalls" has shaken me to the core pic.twitter.com/rhnL9r4RDn

Words hurt.

the fact that Karlie Kloss does not know Waterfalls is by TLC and NOT Destiny's Child is still hilarious to me pic.twitter.com/j3hsAyGVCZ

It could always be worse.

If you're feeling bad today, just remember that Karlie Kloss seems to be under the impression that TLC's "Waterfalls" is a Beyonce song.. pic.twitter.com/uAciEctHyo

This is a valid concern.

If Karlie Kloss thinks Waterfalls is by Beyoncé, what the FUCK does she think To Kill A Mockingbird (her "favorite book") is about, I wonder

Gotta hear both sides?

Ummm which "Waterfalls" does Karlie Kloss think Beyonce sang pic.twitter.com/xtimbURkcO

To her defense, Kloss later recognized the mixup and sent out a tweet in response.

For what it's worth, Kloss was posted with Beyoncé at Taylor Swift's 25th birthday party.

Maybe we can reasonably assume she knows the difference between Bey and TLC so she can stop feeling the wrath of the BeyHive.

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