What's the Meaning Behind Drake's Album Title 'Scorpion'?

Drake has revealed the title to his next album, and all signs point to astrology.

6 God SZN is now in full swing, folks. On the heels of celebrating the No. 1 debut of his latest single, "Nice for What," Drake has decided to bless us with the name of his next studio album. In a post on Instagram, Drake revealed that his upcoming project will be titled Scorpion, and the "June 2018" caption let's us know that we can expect the project to drop at the start of the summer months.

Of course, many are already beginning to speculate that the album title is alluding to Drake's zodiac sign. With a birth date of Oct. 24, the 31-year-old rap superstar is a Scorpio, and social media has been set ablaze ever since Drake posted his initial teaser pic to IG which featured a medallion with a scorpion at the center of a zodiac sign chart.

As one Noisey writer theorized back in 2016, Drake's Scorpio-tendencies in his work and personal life can be traced back to a song from his first mixtape, Room for Improvement, where he gave us the first glimpse at the emotional, driven, and confident rapper he is today. On "A Scorpion's Mind," Drake exemplifies some of the fundamentally Scorpio traits that we've grown to love (or hate) him for.

Scorpios are naturally divisive, and with someone as big as Drake, they must learn to make the right moves to keep others on their side. They are also known to be very calculated in their actions, which further supports people's theory that this latest album title is indeed a nod to his astrological affiliation.

While it seems pretty likely his zodiac played a role in influencing this newest project's concept, we can't be certain yet. For now, it'll be left to those in the convergence of astrology and stan Twitter to battle it out on what this title really means for the outcome of the album. So far, all we can be really sure of is that the intro is going to be fire.

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