Jay Z and Beyoncé Pose in Elevator 3 Years After Infamous Solange Incident

The Carters posed for the paparazzi on Jay Z's birthday celebration in NYC.

Jay Z

Photography by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

Jay Z

Jay Z was feeling particularly generous on Monday night when he invited the paparazzi to snap a quick photo of himself and Mrs. Carter while in an elevator.

The couple had been out celebrating Jay's 48th birthday at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe in New York City when he shouted to a photographer, "Come get it," in footage obtained by TMZ.

Jay and Bey hung back in the elevator letting the paps get their shot. In a clearly purposeful move, the couple sent the message that yup, they're doing just fine.

In the three years since the infamous elevator incident involving Jay Z and Solange, the couple has become a testament to commitment. Album confessionals, rampant rumors of infidelity, and the birth of their twins have all proved to make for a stressful, but also successful, year for music's most powerful couple.

On Monday night, however, the pair looked as crazy in love as when they first stepped onto the scene as a couple. Jay was rocking a plum suit, while Beyoncé smiled behind some shades and a yellow-checkered FW17 Versace dress with mesh sleeves bearing the word "Unity" on the arm. Some additional subliminal shots, perhaps? But as Beyoncé said, of course shit goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator.

Even with the special moment, people had to get their jokes off:

Tell me why Jay Z is looking like Lucious Lyon here and Beyoncé is dressed up as Cookie 💀 https://t.co/mOF2OWqDLu

— Your local asian rapunzel (@spicyadzzzz) December 5, 2017

Jay Z looks like he has that defensive foot and hidden right arm stance just in case something else pops off in that elevator https://t.co/xxzl270Lvz

— Curry Grinch (@EJjuninho) December 5, 2017

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