Is Fredo Santana's New Song a Migos Diss?

After a serious Twitter exchange with Migos, Fredo Santana lets loose "Go To War" featuring Lil Reese.

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On Friday night, the long-running beef between Migos and Chief Keef's GBE escalated when an altercation broke out between members of Migos' entourage and GBE member Capo in a Chicago restaurant. Yesterday, they took the beef to Twitter, and Fredo Santana stepped in, issuing some pretty direct warnings to the Atlanta trio (you can read the whole exchange here).



Today, Fredo let loose "Go To War," a new track featuring fellow drill veteran Lil Reese (who was allegedly arrested, and later released, for unspecified charges this Thursday). While it was recorded before this weekend's events, its message could easily apply to the GBE/Migos beef, with blood-thirsty lyrics like, "Finna be a Killa Season, let me call up Cam'ron." Granted, these lyrics aren't uncommon for any given Fredo song, but the timing of the release is almost too fitting. Either way, check out the track below.

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