Beyoncé and Jay-Z Have Baby Girl, Name Her "Ivy Blue Carter"

The world, meet Ivy Blue Carter. Ivy Blue Carter, meet the world.

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The moment has finally come! Beyoncé reportedly gave birth to Ivy Blue Carter via C-section at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City tonight with rapper--and now, father--Jay-Z by her side. Mother and daughter and doing fine.

According to one of the staffers at Lenox Hill, Jay-Z and a "very pregnant" Beyoncé checked into the hospital Friday night under the alias "Ingrid Jackson." It's been reported that Jay rented out the entire floor of the hospital for a whopping 1.3 MM. Sounds like Ivy is already being spoiled.

Congratulations to Bey and Jay! But what happened to Brooke Lynn Carter?

Update: Reports are coming in claiming the child's name is Blue Ivy Carter, rather than Ivy Blue Carter.  [via E!News]

[via NYDailyNews]

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