The Game Doesn’t Think Dr. Dre Was Upset When He Said Kanye Did More for Him

The Compton native said Dre had reason to not have his back as much as Ye did because he has a brand to protect.

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The Game doesn't think Dr. Dre was upset with him, saying Kanye West did more for him than the Aftermath Entertainment founder during his Drink Champs interview in 2022. 

The West Coast rap legend paid a visit to VladTV, and one of the segments had the rapper reflecting on that viral moment. According to The Game, Ye had done a lot for him that he didn't have to do, and he couldn't say the same about Dr. Dre. 

However, he made it clear that Dre had reason not to back him up as much as Ye because he had a brand and business to protect. The only difference is that although Ye has assets to protect as well, he still "didn't give a fuck."

"At that time, Ye was doing a lot for me that he didn't necessarily have to do. And Ye has always been there for me and always had my back," he said. "What I can say about Dre is Dre ain't always had my back — for good reason. Dre has to protect the interests of Dr. Dre. And there's times when Ye had to protect the interests of Ye, but he didn't give a fuck. He'd rather just go to bat for me."

The Game added, "I was just speaking my truth … I'm pretty sure when Dre heard it, he didn't feel slighted. He knew where it was coming from because I talk to him every so often, so it wasn't like I was picking on Dre."

"He should have and I know that he understood where that came from when I said it. And if I saw Dr. Dre today, I don't think he would feel a way about what I said."

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In his initial comments, The Game said Kanye helped him more in "two weeks" than Dre did his entire career. Dr. Dre signed him to his Aftermath Entertainment imprint in 2003, and executive produced his debut album, The Documentary, which was released on the label two years later. 

However, The Game had some regret over his controversial take during an interview with Amazon Music, where he said working with Dre in any capacity is a blessing.  

"I said some things that I meant. I'm not gon' take it back — I ain't no sucker. But having Dre do anything for your project, anything in your career, touch any part of anything you're doing in life is such a blessing that I shall not ever shit on that again."

He continued, "I haven't talked to Dre since, and it don't really matter if we talk again in life. I'm a standup Compton, L.A. n***a and it is what it is. It's just that I should have actually gave him more grace for what he did do and that was actually mentoring me and doing things that nobody could have done for me in my career."

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