Nicki Minaj Offers to Pay College Tuition for 14-Year-Old Who Killed Man That Assaulted His Mother

The 'Queen' rapper said the 14-year-old is "a true hero."

(Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Nicki Minaj wants to let the 14-year-old boy who shot and killed a man that attacked his mother know that she'll take care of his college expenses if need be.

On Tuesday, Nicki took to her Instagram Story with a message for the teenager that came to the rescue of his mom, named Carlishia Hood, in Chicago last week. She had gotten into an argument with a man, Jeremy Brown, at a restaurant and was repeatedly punched in the head. The boy opened fire on Brown after the attack and killed him in the process. 

News of the incident spread like wildfire, with many coming to the defense of Hood and her child. According to the Minaj, the boy did what he was supposed to do: protect his mother. 

"That 14 year old boy that backed that hammer out when that grown ass man was punching his mother in the face as if she were a MAN; is a true hero," Nicki wrote. "If he wants to go to college, I'd love to help. It's what ANY son should've done for their MOTHER." 

She continued, "She raised a dope kid & should be so proud. Also, God knew b4 she knew; that she'd be attacked that day & made sure they had protection on DECK. God is GOOD."

According to police reports, Brown was pronounced dead at the scene, with Hood and her son being charged with first-degree murder. Public outcry demanded the charges be dropped, and on Monday, Cook County State's Attorney's Office removed all charges saying in a statement that "based upon the facts, evidence and the law, we were unable to meet our burden."

WLS Chicago has reported that Brown and her attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago and five police officers after the charges against her and her son were dropped. Hood has claimed she and her son were falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted while also suffering emotional distress.

"On June 18 of this year, my life changed, my son's life changed," Hood said. "Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten and then arrested."

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