Kanye West Reportedly Selling Malibu Mansion Because the Walls Are 'Too Gray'

Ye reportedly only visited the home at sunrise and sunset to avoid being irritated by the color, or lack thereof.

(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Kanye West has revealed he is selling his Malibu mansion because of the gray-colored walls that line the half-renovated home.

The renovation is still going on, but the Chicago native has already put the home up for sale last week for $53 million. According to Daily Mail, a source said Ye is selling the home because he doesn't like the gray walls. 

"Ye prefers earth tones, muddy colors from silt to loam but never too cold and nothing visually draining like a clay," the source told Daily Mail. "Architects and designers working for Ye have in the past been dispatched to collect soil samples from the UK, France and elsewhere as color references for his iconic looks."

The person continued, "Unfortunately, the concrete settled into more of a cadet gray and he was hoping for a warmer tone, more of dovetail gray or coachman's cape. Ye would only visit the house at sunrise and sunset, when he said the color didn't irritate him so much. Eventually, he stopped going altogether."

Japanese architect Tadao Ando designed the home, and Ye dropped a cool $57 million for it back in 2021. Once the purchase was finalized, the rapper took it upon himself to renovate the home by taking out the walls, doors, windows, and plumbing for a much more minimalistic look. 

The house is also at the center of a lawsuit between Ye and former contractor Tony Saxon, who's suing the rapper for labor code violations, $1 million in unpaid wages, and damages. Saxon claimed he was "project manager, caretaker, and 24/7 security" and worked 16-hour shifts while also sleeping on the floor. 

He also alleged that West ignored his safety concerns and gave him the boot in November 2021 after refusing to take out the widows and electrical wiring. In an interview with NBC, Saxon said, "We were going to be gutting all of that out and sort of building him a Bat Cave" where West said he could "hide from the Clintons in and the Kardashians in."

According to Saxon, Ye "wanted no electricity. He only wanted plants. He only wanted candles. He only wanted battery lights. And he just wanted to have everything open and dark."

Ye has since denied the allegations in a statement through his attorneys, saying: "Defendant denies generally and specifically each and every allegation contained in the complaint, and each and every purported cause of action contained in the complaint and specifically denies that Plaintiff has sustained any injury, damage, or loss by reason of any act, omission or breach by Defendant and denies that Plaintiff is entitled to any or all of the relief requested in the complaint."

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