Just Blaze Wants Fans to Understand That He's Not The-Dream, Shares 'Proof'

The "Song Cry" producer recalled various red carpet moments where he was mistaken for the "Love King" singer.

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Just Blaze wants to finally draw the line and prove that he and The-Dream are not the same person, despite some awkward red carpet moments that prove otherwise. 

On Friday, the legendary producer took to his Instagram with a post of himself posing with the Love/Hate singer and a caption that recalled various moments where people thought Just Blaze was actually The-Dream. According to Blaze, he had a rough period between "the late 2000s early 2010s" where he was mistaken for The-Dream at almost every red carpet event.

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He attempted to correct the journalists who were confused by saying his real name, but that just made the situation so much more awkward than before because that didn't even help him.  

"They said 'ladies and gentlemen it's The Dream!!' And I'm like 'hi.. I'm Justin' and made it awkward for everyone," The-Dream, I mean Just Blaze, wrote. "'Oh it's the dream and his real name is Justin!' 'No. I'm Just Blaze…' Journalist: 🫠."

The "Girls, Girls, Girls" producer also mentioned a time in New York City when he and The-Dream wore the same outfit walking out of the Ralph Lauren store in Soho within a half hour of each other, and paparazzi labeled him the "Umbrella" co-writer. 

"Didn't help that we once walked out of RL soho dressed in the same outfit within 30 mins of each other and the same Pap took pics of us both and uploaded me as him. Anyway, here's proof me and @thekingdream aren't the same person," Just Blaze wrote. 

Just Blaze and The-Dream have more in common than having somewhat similar facial features. Both men have had their most prolific collaborations with JAY-Z and Beyoncé, including production and songwriting credits, features, and more. 

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