Jack Dorsey Told Young Thug ‘You're My Inspiration’ When They Met

In an evidently "awkward" first encounter, Thugger had no idea who the Twitter co-founder was.

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Jack Dorsey was inspired by Young Thug when they first met despite the rapper not knowing who he was, according to a story told by Rolling Loud co-founder Matt Zingler. 

On the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, Zingler and his fellow Rolling Loud founder Tariq Cherif stopped by the popular podcast, and one of the tales told was of Thugger and Dorsey's "awkward" meeting backstage at a show. 

Per Zingler—who set the meeting up—Young Thug had no idea who the Twitter co-founder was. Dorsey wasted no time telling the Atlanta rap superstar how much of an inspiration he is.  

"[Thug is] like, 'Who's the guy?' It's just [Thug] and his girl," Zingler said at the 39:20 mark below. "I'm like, 'The guy from Twitter.' He's like, 'Oh bluebird, bring him in.' So I bring him in, and Thug like, doesn't know him. So I'm in between him and Thug, I'm like, 'Hey Thug, this is Jack.'"

He continued, "Jack's like, 'You're my inspiration.' And I'm sitting there, I'm like, 'How the fuck is Jack inspired by Thug?' But genuinely, Jack loves Thug on a weird level of like—influenced by music, everything, he's obsessed with Thug."

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Zingler explained the interaction was super strange, and he couldn't do anything but leave the area. "It was so awkward because Thug doesn't take compliments that well, so Thug's like super quiet, and then it was so fucking awkward for me. I dipped on Thug."

As his peers share stories about him, Young Thug has been trying to reach out to one of his other friends, Kanye West. Last month, Thug took to his Instagram Story with a message for Ye days after he released his latest studio album Business Is Business.

"Kanye," Thug wrote on his Instagram Stories. "Answer the fucking phone. It's business."

Later, the incarcerated YSL rapper got on Twitter and joked that even though Kanye has been off the platform for a while now, he would still be able to see his post.

"Kanye doesn't have a Twitter but somehow he'll see this tweet," Thug wrote.

Business Is Business was executive produced by Metro Boomin and features guest appearances from Drake ("Parade on Cleveland," "Oh U Went"), Lil Uzi Vert ("Hellcat Kenny"), Future ("Cars Bring Me Out"), Travis Scott ("Abracadabra," "Wit da Racks"), 21 Savage ("Want Me Dead," "Wit da Racks,"), and more.

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