Giggs Recalls Hearing Jay-Z’s “God Did” Shout Out for First Time

The rapper was in Disney World with his kids when he first heard the song.

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Giggs has revealed what happened when he first heard Jay-Z drop his name on DJ Khaled's 2022 record "God Did" featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, John Legend, and Fridayy. 

The London native was recent guest on Rory & Mal, where he reflected on the moment he heard Jay-Z rap that he sees a lot of himself in the 40-year-old rapper. When Rory and Mal asked Giggs the question, he initially answered as if it wasn't a big deal. 

"Yeah man, he's the man," he said humbly, which Rory and Mal weren't going to accept. "Nah you know what it is, it's cause I heard it before it came out."  

. @officialgiggs shares the story of when he first heard Jay-Z namedrop him on his “God Did” verse 🇬🇧🐐Episode 196 available now on Youtube

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Giggs then shared that he was in Disney World with his family when he got the call from Guru about Hov mentioning him in the song. Rory revealed that he was in the studio right next to Guru when the phone call happened, which had Giggs taken aback. 

"The irony, I'm in fucking some magical place, and then mans calling me with the Hov thing," he said. "So he's playing it acapella, and then he's like, 'I see a lot of Hov in Giggs,' I was just quiet like, 'Ohh shit, that's mad.' It's crazy, and then he said, 'Yeah, man, don't tell anyone.' I was like, 'Ok.'"

It also wasn't the first time Jay-Z saluted Giggs in music form. In November 2017, Hov remixed Drake's "More Life" and Giggs' underground classic "KMT" while on stage in Toronto for his 4:44 tour. 

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