Fabolous Comments on 50 Cent and Rick Ross Beef, Breaks Down Streaming to Album Sales

The Brooklyn rap star doesn't understand why low album sales are a topic of conversation due to how streaming changed everything.

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Fabolous has chimed in on the reignited beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross over album sales. 

On Tuesday, Fab commented under a post shared by TheHipHopWolf regarding 50 and Ross' beef and explained how this issue with album sales and streaming works. According to the Brooklyn rap star, low album sales can't be counted in the streaming era due to how sales are monitored. 

"I have no dog in this fight, but y'all do know 31k in sales is 46,513,000 in streams right?" he wrote in an Instagram comment. “1500 streams = 1 unit. Low numbers in 1st week sales only could be judged in a physical era."

He continued, "EVERYBODY is streaming music through DSPs now. I'm sure there's a few people who actually buy the product but not enough to care over streaming anymore so why is this low sales number narrative still being pushed?"

Fab chimed in once more saying, "My opinion isn't based on 50 or Ross. I'm discussing the sales/streams conversation. My point is valid for any sales/stream talk. Not just Ross & 50. Y'all missing the point."


— Hip Hop Immortal (@HipHopImm0rtal) December 5, 2023
Twitter: @HipHopImm0rtal

According to Billboard, which handles the charts in the U.S., "1,250 premium audio streams, 3,750 ad-supported streams or 3,750 video streams are equal to one equivalent album unit."

Fab's comment came after 50 dissed his rival Rick Ross over the low album sales he received with Meek Mill for their collaborative album, Too Good To Be True. In a post shared on Instagram recapping his tour, 50 took a jab at the rap duo. 

"If you sell 31,009 CDs, I shouldn't talk to you," 50 said, dragging the project's opening week numbers.

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