Doe Boy Responds to Criticism for Collabing With 9-Year-Old Rapping NSFW Lyrics About Guns, Hustling, and More

The Cleveland native said there are kids who play 'Call of Duty' online that are saying the same thing.

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Doe Boy has responded to all the critics that had something to say about him linking up with a nine-year-old rapper named Lil RT in his new music video. 

On Friday, the 29-year-old took some time to address the commotion of his new music video with Lil RT titled "60 Miles 2." In the video, Lil RT raps about several things he shouldn't be doing at his age, such as hustling, shooting the opposition, and more. 

In his statement, Doe Boy explained how there are kids who play Call Of Duty multiplayer that are saying the exact same thing, if not worse.  

"Idk if y'all know this or not but y'all lil 9 year old kids talk just like that on them Call Of Duty mics," he said.

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That wasn't all Doe Boy said about Lil RT's NSFW lyrics. According to the Cleveland native, he's actually helping Lil RT instead of corrupting him, as many have said on social media.

"I been seeing all the goddamn comments, and all the little posts, and the little tweets and all that shit, just hating on the lil' n***a," Doe Boy said. "That shit lame as hell to me. At the end of the day, he nine years old. Think about, I don't know, I don't know if you from where we from, but from where I'm from, goddamn, that's a regular little n***a in the hood.

"All our young n***as act like that. They run around cussing, bad as fuck. So it's like, that shit just not really nothing too crazy. So it's like shit, at least he tryna do something positive though."

He added, "Him rapping is gon' change his life. It's gon' change is life and make his life good so he don't have to grow — 'cause in a couple of years, if his life don't change, that lil' n***a gon' be thuggin, cause he already thuggin! But that lil n***a gon' be thuggin if he don't get it out, so hell yeah I'm finna help that lil' n***a get the check. I don't give a fuck who got something to say about it. Fuck ya, suck my dick, bitch."

SayCheese TV reposted Doe Boy's message on their Instagram page, which led to even more backlash from people. 

"Omm I couldn't imagine bein in my 30s co signin a 9 year old doin this type shi. You n***as is sick," someone wrote. Another said, "Just because it's "regular" where u at don't mean it's right..hell wrong with people." 

A third person commented, "You supposed to steer him in the right direction and show him better. Not condone his ignorance."

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