Dame Dash Calls Out N.O.R.E. Over Lyor Cohen Interview Remarks: ‘Just Defend Me a Little’

Dame felt N.O.R.E. could've shown him more respect.

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Damon Dash has responded to the comments Lyor Cohen made about him during an episode of Drink Champs.

During his interview on The CEO Show, Dame reflected on Cohen's episode on Drink Champs, where he shared several stories from his days working at Def Jam Records in the '90s. One of the topics that came up was his relationship with Dame. N.O.R.E. asked him if he was responsible for Dame and Jay-Z no longer working together, which he denied.

Back in 2014, Dame Dash said during an interview with VLADTV that Lyor was responsible for ruining Roc-A-Fella Records. Dame went as far as saying Lyor is a "fake CEO" and wanted him to stop "raping" the culture in that 2014 interview.

In the talk with The CEO Show, Dame said he expected a certain level of respect from N.O.R.E., someone he's helped out in the past and who's fully aware of the fractured union between himself and Lyor. However, despite saying good things about him, Dame felt that N.O.R.E also likes to ask questions that hurt his character. 

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He brought up his own interview with N.O.R.E., where he said the former rapper asked him everything about Lyor. But when Lyor was on Drink Champs, Dame felt the questions were geared towards creating viral moments, knowing he doesn't have a great relationship with him.

"I just wish N.O.R.E., when he gets a Lyor Cohen and says that he's necessary for the culture—at least ask him why he would get on a Black platform that caters to us and say I don't exist," Dame said. "Just defend me a little, the way I defended him. I appreciate all the accolades he gives me so he always is my brother but when people say they love me that shit don't feel like love to me."

Dame also reiterated that Lyor was responsible for splitting him and Jay up because he approached him with a deal that would've gone down without the Roc-a-fella Records co-founder. He also felt that N.O.R.E could've asked Lyor more in-depth questions about his responsibility in breaking the two up, among other things.

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