Consequence Says He Has a New Song With YNW Melly: 'This Might Be the Last Feature He Did'

The song may be the last guest feature Melly recorded before his double-murder case picked up momentum.

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Consequence may have gotten YNW Melly's last guest feature on a new song off his upcoming album. 

During a recent interview with XXL, the rapper revealed Melly recorded a feature on a song called "Overdose." According to Cons, he flew down to Miami in 2019 for a studio session with Melly, Timbaland, Chief Keef, and more, and he was met with friction from a young rapper who didn't know who he was.

The 46-year-old rapper said he had to leave the room as he was offended by the disrespect but received nothing but praise from Melly, who was eager to work with him.   

"He literally was just like, 'Yo, I got you OG yeah,' wrote the shit," he recalled. "He just was on some, 'Yo, yeah I got you, Unc,' type shit. So he ain't do nothing but respect me...Then literally the next week I think is when that shit started cooking with the case...So I think this might be the last feature he did."

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Melly's guest feature on Consequence's album comes over a year after he dropped "Brazy" alongside Fredo Bang in April 2022. The Florida rapper has been in jail since 2019 on first-degree murder charges in connection to the 2018 shooting deaths of Christopher Thomas Jr. aka "YNW Juvy" and Anthony Williams aka "YNW Sakchaser."

A retrial is scheduled after Melly's double-murder case ended in a mistrial back in July due to the jury failing to unanimously decide whether the rapper is guilty or innocent. Earlier this month, Melly and YNW Bortlen were both hit with a witness tampering charge.

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