Benzino Calls Out Joe Budden Amid Simmering Feud With NBA YoungBoy: 'Better Leave That N***a Alone'

Benzino claimed Budden is too old to be commenting on NBA YoungBoy and his music.

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Benzino had some words of advice for Joe Budden regarding his simmering feud with NBA YoungBoy.

The 58-year-old recorded a video of himself criticizing the former rapper for calling out YoungBoy and his music. Budden had called YoungBoy's music "trash" and called him "horrible" while also claiming his label was responsible for the "YB Better" movement on social media. Benzino felt Budden had no reason to call out YoungBoy.

"You blogging ass bitches, y'all think y'all Oprah," Benzino said in the clip. "Y'all motherfuckers don't know more than everybody else. Y'all shit up there, y'all get a little check, and y'all just talk shit about everybody and what they do."

He added, "NBA YoungBoy got a whole generation loving his shit, alright? Obviously, you're older than the generation that NBA YoungBoy's music goes to. So just shut the fuck up, bro."

Benzino went on to advise Budden to stop acting like he's better than everyone adding, "How would you feel if somebody said your shit was trash? Which it was. You had one song, and that was it. You a decent rapper, but this n***a is a whole superstar out here!"

Benzino also claimed that Budden is envious of NBA YoungBoy's success and his money and advised him to bow out of this feud with the Louisiana native.  

"That's the problem with y'all n***as, man […] Talk about old n***a shit, talk about Frank Sinatra," he continued. "And not only that, you gonna get yourself in a whole bunch of shit that you ain't prepared for. Better leave that n***a alone, homie."

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NBA YoungBoy clapped back at Joe Budden on an Instagram Story last week where he dished out an explicit-laden rant where he flexed his chart success with his latest album and invited him to "Grave Digger Mountain."  

"The last thing I dropped was Decided 2, and my album is still in the top 10 pussy ass n***a," YoungBoy said while holding a wad of cash. "Don't speak on me, I don't play that shit. Don't rat on me either, you pussy ass bitch."

He continued, "You stupid dumb bitch, your dick don't even get hard no more clown ass n***a. Ain't no sabotaging me, bitch. Fuck wrong with that n***a, man. Don't rat on me bitch. And I don't want to argue with your bitch ass. Bitch you do all them interviews, come on Grave Digger Mountain and talk to me n***a, if you can't do that you bitch made shut your fucking mouth."

In a recent Twitter Spaces chat, Budden responded, "I just wanna say I'm way bigger than him. Stop this."

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