2 Chainz Hilariously Recalls Buying a Lawnmower and Strip Club for His Birthday

The rapper recalled the purchases when he appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' alongside Lil Wayne.

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2 Chainz told Jimmy Fallon he celebrated his most recent birthday by purchasing a new lawn mower and strip club.

During his visit to The Tonight Show alongside Lil Wayne, the Atlanta rap legend reflected on the gifts he bought himself for his 46th birthday last month. According to 2 Chainz, he wanted to feel like a regular person and bought a lawn mower to cut his own grass. 

"I bought a lawn mower and a strip club," 2 Chainz said as Lil Wayne couldn't keep his laughter in. "I've lived in apartments my whole life, then I became a rapper, and I got me a house, and then I had money, so I pay people to do everything for me like most rich people do. And then I woke up, and I said, 'You know what? I've never cut the grass before.'"

He continued, "I felt like maybe I hadn't crossed over the threshold of manhood, and so I woke up, and I got me a John Deere. Zero-turn." 

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As for the strip club, Chainz said it's called CandyLand and located in Atlanta. He even advised people to "go check it out."

Last month, 2 Chainz gave fans a glimpse of the new lawn mower with a post on social media that had him reflect on how his marriage has him adjusting to a regular life filled with chores.

"I have a rather large yard and I just wanted to cut the grass," he began. "I've never cut the grass; I stayed at apartments my whole life until me and Kesha got together … I was payin' people to do stuff, so this my first time as a man — it's kinda crazy but I had a ball!"

The second slide showed the So Help Me God! hitmaker mowing his grass as his wife cheered him on. The post's caption read: "Is this what they mean by getting old [pondering emoji, silly-face emoji, upside-down emoji, blushing emoji, two laugh-crying emojis]. I found this to be very therapeutic !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! 9/12 #virgoseason."

In other news, Chainz and Wayne dropped off their collab track "Presha." The duo is gearing up to release ColleGrove 2 next month.

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