Justin Bieber Will Be Fully Investigated For Alleged Battery

The D.A.'s office is involved.

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Once the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigates battery allegations against Justin Bieber, it will send the case to the county District Attorney's office for further review, according to TMZ.

On Tuesday, Bieber allegedly got into an “intense” and eventually "physical" argument with a neighbor. The neighbor apparently came onto Bieber’s Los Angeles property and, according to a L.A. County Sherriff’s spokesperson, Bieber “made physical contact with him,” prompting the neighbor to file a battery report.

One of Bieber's neighbors claims he drove through the neighborhood at 100 miles per hour. When approached about it, Bieber allegedly spit on the neighbor and threatened to kill him. TMZ reports that the neighbor will fully cooperate with authorities.

[via TMZ

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