Joey Badass Spits Freestyle Backstage at The Amerikkkana Tour, Announces New Album Almost Done

The All-Amerikkkan Badass is currently on tour, announcing his new album is almost done at a show in Philadelphia and spitting a dope freestyle backstage.

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Joey Badass is well underway on his Amerikkkana Tour, with the first episode (or “erasode” to you Pro Era heads) of his tour documentary revealing two very important things: Joey’s album is “almost done,” and the man can effortlessly leave the stage post-show only to start freestyling as soon as he enters his green room.

The show in question took place in Philadelphia, with the all-important words “new album on the way” (9:11-minute mark) leaving the entire crowd erupting in cheers and delight. For those of us who grew up on New York hip-hop from the 1990s, the Pro Era leader is a marvel. From his cadence to his content, production and aesthetic—the dude is a classic east coast MC, ticking all the boxes for those who need that type of sound.

If this first episode is any indication, Joey’s tour documentary could come together into something fantastic. I’ve seen all sorts of backstage, tour, performance-laden bonus packages in my time, with The Up In Smoke Tour sitting squarely at the top, and most other attempts amounting to nothing more than thrown together cell-phone footage. 

This, however, has a soul—from Joey meeting fans and telling them he’s “eye to eye” with them, to experiencing his energy on-stage as it transitions off-stage, and him not being able to stop himself from freestyling in his spare time. This is the kind of hip-hop footage dreams are made of, particularly for those who have Joey at the top of their contemporary rappers list.

While there’s no definitive release date set for his upcoming album yet, I think we can all breathe a little easier knowing that Joey is actively on tour, rocking crowds all over the country, and officially stated that his new album is “almost done.” I repeat, “new album on the way.” 

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