Joey Badass Explains His Decision to Quit Smoking Weed

"It's all GMO now," he says.

This is a photo of Joey Badass.
Image via Getty/Christian Vierig
This is a photo of Joey Badass.

Joey Badass is two months into a new marijuana-free lifestyle. On Wednesday night, the Brooklyn-born rapper took to his Instagram story to share the big news: “2 months, 7 days no weed smoke,” he wrote.

Joey elaborated hours later, “Truth is I never seen myself smoking past 21. I been smoking everyday since 16, I am now 23, so I just took the new year as an opportunity to stop.”

Fair enough. Plus, the rapper has his newly launched 47 Minutes podcast on Tidal to focus on. "I feel like smoking is for older people who have worked a long time and are looking to relax. Not for young people who have a lot more to accomplish and can't afford anything slowing them down from getting to their destination," Joey reasoned. "I get it though a lot of you think you need it to cope with the stress trust me I been there, But, meditation is much better."

Looks like Joey is more about that Om life than that OG Kush these days, if you know what I’m saying.

As per his lengthy IG post, Joey says he feels “1000x better focused and functional.” There’s also the fact that the rapper claims that weed “ain’t the same shit they was smoking in the '70s. It’s all GMO now.” Joey cautions his fans that legalization is part of a “control tactic.” Umm…K. “Look it up and ‘STAY WOKE’” Joey wrote.

I guess I could see the makers of Hot Cheetos (Frito-Lay) advocating for legalization as part of ploy to increase snack consumption.


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