Premiere: Awful Records' Tommy Genesis Drops Her 'World Vision' Album

With production from Father, KeithCharles Spacebar, and more.

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If you're keeping count, Atlanta crew Awful Records now stands at around 16 members. The latest addition is Vancouver-born Tommy Genesiswho met Father and KeithCharles Spacebar on the Internet years ago. These days, she's an official member of the DIY crew and says she makes art "about pussy and darkness." Down. 

Today, she debuts her latest album, World Vision, which she says she's been working on for a few months but originally didn't have a concept. "I've always been into the deconstruction of ideas and making my work 'be something, not be about something,'" she told Complex. "I guess you could say 'World Vision' means anything you want it to. But to me it means that there is a collective creative conscious that is always watching." 

Over production from Father, KeithCharles SpacebarGODMODEGAME666, and some self-produced tracks, too, Tommy's flows throughout the project are impressive with obvious standouts on the ethereal track "Eden," and her collab with Awful's Abra, another promising up-and-comer, on "Hair Like Water Wavy Like The Sea." But "Angelina" has the potential to be her breakout hit, and not only because it's produced by Father, but because she sounds effortlessly more vicious than ever on the track she says was inspired by Angelina Jolie. 

Stream the album below and check out a track-by-track breakdown of each track:

Hate Demon (prod. by Tommy Genesis)
This track was meant as an intro. Except it kind of turned into a poem for someone specific. The messed up thing is she probably won't ever know it's for her.

Shepherd (prod. by KeithCharlesSPACEBAR & GODMODEGAME666)
I wrote Shepherd about a girl who broke my heart. I'd always say fuck everyone else, you're my whole team, watch me.

Angelina (prod. by Father)
I felt like being Angelina Jolie, so I made this song. I think it's weird AF but I also think people will fuck with the abstract & psychotic lyrics.

Bump (prod. by N.D.T.)
Bump is about suburban drug culture. It might be my favourite track on the album. 

Potato Head ft. Jay Worthy (prod. by LYK aka Ango & Druture)
A Potato Head is an ugly girl who gives good head. I just made it up. I felt like the song needed a male perspective, so I got my boy Jay Worthy to do a verse.

Eden (prod. by Tommy Genesis)
I went to Catholic School.

Execute (prod. by GODMODEGAME666)
Don’t follow Idols. Don’t be Idle. Just handle your shit because nobody is gonna do it for you type of song.

World Vision (prod. by Falcons)
World Vision is the title track & has more than one meaning, but the song itself is my twisted version of Aaliyah’s ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’. 

Hair Like Water Wavy Like The Sea ft. Abra (prod. by Tommy Genesis)
This is mine and Abra's baby. It’s a girl power lullaby and the outro to the album. 

OG Shepherd (prod. by N.D.T.)
Unreleased demo.

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