Ray J Is Giving Kim and Kanye the Most Outrageous Wedding Present of All Time

He'll never let you forget that he, indeed, hit it first.

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TMZ is really caking off of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding, which reportedly takes place on Saturday in Florence, Italy. Today, they've revealed that Mr. I Hit It First (Ray J) is giving Kim and Kanye the most outrageous wedding present of all time—and no, it's not that wildly disrespectful single art blown up.

Ray J is reportedly writing them a check for $47,000 which totals four months of his 2014 profits from his sex tape with Kim. 

TMZ is reporting the breakdown as such: (Note: This is only Ray J's cut of the monthly checks from Vivid Ent.)

January - $6,135.60
February - $20,097.31
March - $9,674.76
April - $10,931.52

Godspeed, Ray. Godspeed.

Update: Ray sent a subliminal tweet, denying the story, similar to how he denied "I Hit It First" was about Kim.

[via TMZ]

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